Sponsor Penny

Penny was found in Ruidoso NM, in a yard with another cat named Poof. Penny is such a sweet cat and purrs soon as you walk close to her. Penny tested positive for FeLv and has to live apart from the cats in the main cattery as FeLv can be transmitted by sharing water with other cats. Penny is now living with her two friends Franco and Angel. It is so sad for me to see cats test positive for FeLv as I know that this disease greatly shortens their lives. This disease and other horrible feline diseases will only be controlled when aggressive TNR programs are in place and people have their pets spayed or neutered and kept indoors. Penny is adoptable at this time and would have to go to a home as either an only cat or in a home with another FeLv kitty. Until then she will live here with Franco and Angel and receive any medical treatments she will need. Please sponsor Penny to help Kitty City with her ongoing medical and everyday care.

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Sponsor Ebony

Ebony was brought to Kitty City in May of 2009. She was brought from a sanctuary in Roswell that was closed due to the health of the owner. Ebony is approximately 14yrs old and although she is very friendly and loves to be petted, sanctuary life is all that she has ever known. Therefore, an adoption of Ebony would have to be a very special home because the change of location and a new family for cats like this can often be traumatic and very stressful for the cat. Although it is our goal to find a forever home for each of our cats, because of Ebony's life in sanctuary and because of her age, living her life out at Kitty City may be the best life for Ebony. We need a very special person or family to sponsor Ebony to help her with her ongoing medical and every day care.

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Sponsor Calliann

Callieann tested positive for Feline Leukemia. She is sharing a room with Angel and Penny now. Callieann is now considered a long term resident of Kitty City will be listed here on our sponsor a cat page. She is a sweet cat and according to the vet she is about 10 yrs old. She could be adopted but it would have to be to the right home as Feline Leukemia is contagious by sharing drinking water. The family that adopts her would have to be a one cat family or a family that already has a feline Leukemia positive cat.

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